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This repo contains various Django super simple applications we use internally.

You want to read this page before using the following application specific documentation shortcuts:


It is frequent for projects to need commands to be executed continuously. When cron or spoolers aren’t the way to go, runner provides a simple way to create background threads which chains commands continuously. For what it’s worth, it’s partly documented.
High level tests, like testing if a view returns status 200, are called “smoke tests”. This application makes creating complete smoke tests for all possible urls in your project easy. It’s not really ready for a end user.
Helps moving away the boilerplate from a django project’s settings.py. We use it but it’s not documented.


There is one small repo for all apps, which is install easy to install:

pip install -e git+git@github.com:yourlabs/yourlabs.git#egg=yourlabs

This will clone the repo in your-python-env/src/yourlabs and install the yourlabs module. You can then install any application you like. For example, install the “runner” applications by adding to settings.INSTALLED_APPS: ‘yourlabs.runner’.

Note: you can hack directly in that repo.

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